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Back to the Future
What can I do today, that will lower my power bill tomorrow?
  •   Dry clothes on the clothes line, outside.  This not only costs nothing, but lowers the cooling demand during summer months.
  •   Prepare for winter before it gets cold.  We tend to put off winterizing our homes, as if it will somehow prevent winter from coming.  Caulk, plastic window covers and all other energy saving products will perform better when they are installed during warm weather.  You will also do a much better job, if you are not hurried or cold.
  • Take advantage of utility company incentives.  Free energy audits and weatherization kits can make a big difference in many homes.  Compact flourescent bulbs have become more affordable and many ulilities have rebate programs for this product.
  • Have a Solar Design Professional evaluate your home to take advantage of the sun.  email: solarpro
  • Turn down the thermostat.  Lower your heating energy cost by up to 15% by setting your thermostat at 65 degrees.  This was highly promoted during the days when the speed limit was 55 mph.  Both of these notions save energy and the environment.
  • Pass on the energy conservation bug.  We know the immediate effect that demand has on the price of energy.  Good old supply and demand had a hey day with gasoline prices during the last 18 months.
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