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Self sufficiency
We believe that a properly designed sunspace, attached to a well insulated structure, is an excellent step towards energy self sufficiency.  Grow vegetables and herbs through out the year in
a beautiful room that adds value to your home.
Major consideration would include the following:
  • Located in a climate that has ample winter sunlight.
  • The heating season far exceeds the cooling season.
  • The rest of the buildings' heat loss has been minimized.
  • The occupants can adjust to larger internal temperature swings.
  • Sunspace floors must be largely exposed to sunlight.
  • Insulated thermal mass must be properly sized.
  • Natural air flow that can assist in the systems efficiency.
  • Engineered to require minimal backup heating. (space load)

A home must be viewed as a system when considering solar
additions.  If your major yearly energy dollars are spent
heating your home, a sunspace can be a great investment.
First, make sure that you have the proper amount of insulation,
as set by the U.S. Department of Energys'  standards at
( or Canada' Renewable Energy Network at (www.canren.gc)  .    Insulation is the most cost effective investment  for saving energy.   We recommend, for northern climates, R-28 walls and R-50 ceilings.  There are different levels for different climates and the location of the vapor barrier can change, as well.

  We will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home (or plans)
and put together an energy saving sunspace plan that fits into
your budget.  We can also give you a comparison of energy use
with and without this addition.
  Our sunspaces are designed to compliment your home or business.  We feel that it is important to match existing siding, roofing and interior finishes to truly integrate this into your home.
We consider it a compliment when we hear someone say "that doesn't look like a solar home".   We will make sure that you have the overhangs,
insulation package, windows and vapor barriers to match your location.     
  Other options will include:
  •  insulated window covers
  •  special trim packages
  •  radiant floor heating
  •  air to air heat exchangers
  •  patterned privacy glazing 
  •  exposed aggregate floors  
  •  stamped concrete or tile (link)
  •  granite or composite sills
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